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Liers.completly disgusted

I was sent a parcel with next day delivery and so I should of recieved it on wednesday. When it didnt turnup I emailed them. Obviously with them being a poor company they didnt reply. I waited til friday night when I checked on delivery status on there website and it turns out they tried to deliver it 3 times on wednesday and it said theyve advised me to pick it up from somewhere..... now ive not been out since boxing day because ive a new born baby, there was nothing in my letter box. My dog never heard them either and my cctv didnt show anyone turn up. So they lied.

I rang them saterday morning and after the painfull atomated service the woman said oh the driver should of posted something. They didnt post anything because they lied and didnt come.
The woman said to me' can you not just pick it up?' WERE FROM????????????
EVEN SHE DIDNT FULLY NO. she just kept trying to cover the driver by saying that he must of forgot to post the card.

When I found out were it was I pocked it up I explained it to the guy on the counter EVERYONE else butted in saying the exact same has happenes to them.
The company I used to work for had similar problems and they stopped using them

Oh and when I got my parcel from there depot the box was all smashed up!!!!!!!!

The best thing to happen to parcel force is that they just liquidate there assets ( if any) and let royalmail doit insted.

There dogs**t

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