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I Totally Agree with Jonathan. I have Talk Talk Phone, Broadband and Mobile service, have had the landline service for over a year now. The Broadband constantly goes down ( Usually in the early hours of the morning) I can't and never have been able to view BBC I Player or 4od as they both keep buffering. The phone line goes off every now and again ( worst being for over 2 days) I called Talk Talk from the call box over the road cost me £2.60 just to be told that there was a fault and there was no time frame as to when it would be repaired. The Modem switches off if my pc or laptop are not in use. Meaning my SKY TV box and mobile do not get an internet connection unless pc or laptop are switched on. I inquired some time ago about changing my number and was told " We can't do that you'd have to have a brand new line installed" Lastly my mobile ( Runs on the Vodafone network) I do not get a signal in certain parts of Dundee and Perth. Also when I got my mobile it was faulty had to send it back was over 12 days without a phone but still being charged. Worst Service ever. I am taking my service back to SKY in a fortnights time.

They boast about the fact their call centre's are in the UK but most of their staff are Indian and can't understand a sodding word you say. in 18 months of being a customer I think I have spoken to a British person once. I'd seriously twice before even considering Talk Talk as a service provider!

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