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The Worst After Sales Service I Have Ever Encountered

The one star rating on this review site suggests fraud. I make no suggestion of this but this company do not deserve 2 stars. If there was a zero star category I would have used that.
I purchased a Dorada system from Cube in February 2010. I was initially pleased with the system but I did have some items on the original spec swapped without being told (eg my 1TB Seagate drive was substituted for a Hitachi drive).
The system began to suffer frequent crashes and eventually the mother board failed in August with the old blank screen 8 beep message. I was very disappointed that this had happened after such a short space of time.
I decided to drop it off at their address near Wetherby for repair. I was rather surprised to see their shiny premises as depicted on their web site were in fact one of the rather shabby units on the Thorp Arch Trading Estate and not the plush offices as depicted.
This should have set the alarm bells ringing.
I left the system with one of their engineers who was unable to provide me with a formal receipt. “We don’t tend to do that” he explained.
Anyway I took a chance, made a note of his name and left it with them.
Several days passed and no news and so I began a series of calls to their “technical” team. Eventually after much chasing I established that the problem was the mother board and all other components were working fine.
I asked them to leave the existing hard drive intact as although I had a back up of most of my data I didn’t want to have to reinstall all my applications etc.
They swapped the mother board and returned it to me in possibly the worst packaging I have ever seen. Their delivery people, Interlink, delivered it with no signature and left it around the back of my house. It rained but that’s a different story.
“Sorry, we didn’t have any suitable boxes” was the response when I complained to Cube.
Upon inspecting the PC I discovered that my old full size mother board had been replaced with a half size board. This therefore didn’t extend as far as the expansion bays on the PC case and therefore I had no expansion possibilities. I couldn’t even fit in my firewire card rendering it useless for video editing. It had far fewer USB slots (the only free bay had been taken up with a 4 x USB card to cover up this issue), no external SATA connectivity and no optical audio out.
I contacted them to ask why they had replaced my original board with an inferior model and was told “this is the standard replacement”. After having to involve their customer services people they relented and I returned the unit for a replacement motherboard. This again took far too long and involved me chasing them on numerous occasions.
During one of my chase telephone calls I also discovered that despite me specifically asking them not to touch my original data they had reinstalled windows and formatted my old hard disk. I realised at this time that there were some minor pieces of data that I did not have backed up so I decided to purchase a new 1.5TB hard drive and asked them to make the original a slave in the hope that I could recover the data. I had asked them to do this recovery for me but they said that “we can not touch our clients’ data”. So essentially they can’t touch it but they can delete it!
I complained about their poor service and lack of care and was told “you should have backed it up”. Fair, point but the fact remained that they had needlessly deleted my information when I had specifically told them not to.
When the PC eventually arrived back I was further concerned to see that they had only supplied a 1TB drive and not the 1.5TB I had been forced to buy due to their total lack of care. Again I complained and I had to provide photographic evidence of the 1TB drive as they basically accused me of lying.
The final chapter came when I started using the system and Windows asked to be registered on-line. The key code I had was now invalid. Cube once again excelled themselves by basically telling me to go away and sort it out with Microsoft.
I have never come across a more shambolic after sales service in any business I have dealt with before. Cube’s technical people seem to be genuinely nice guys but I am afraid that from my experience they are totally inadequate and just muddle along with no real clear idea of what they are doing. To be told by one of them when asking about the key code “I can’t get my head around this – it’s been one of those weekends” hardly inspires me to ever consider using them again. Indeed, despite still having plenty of the warranty remaining, if the PC fails again I’ll just skip it and buy a new one from a reputable seller.
The same goes for their customer service. They showed no willingness to work with me to resolve my problems, all of which were caused by their initial product failure and then a series of botched repairs.
If reading this saves just one person from having to suffer the pain of buying from these people then it was worth the effort.

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