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Do not KnowHOW

I bought my laptop from pc world in may, as I was joining a computer games design course at college and I would need it. I used the laptop until june and was getting to grips with photoshop and programming when my laptops hard disk failed.. I sent it off for repair with knowhow as it was still under manufacturers warranty. They sent it back and the hard drive had been fixed and I had to pay out for photoshop again.. I bought it and installed it to find out that my fans were not working properly. So i booked it in for another repair. The laptop came back a week after I had sent it off, and the fans didnt turn on at all. I went to PC world and told them about how they have broken my laptop and were rude to me on the phone. They said that I couldnt get a replacement or a refund but I could get a refurbished laptop of the same make. Why would I want someone elses broken laptop? So i booked it in for another repair, they had it for almost 3 weeks before I decided to ring them to ask. It had been "repaired" and sent back to tje store a week previously. I wasnt happy about that so I calmly stormed into PC world and took my 600 pound laptop back. I took it home turned it on and the fans were still. Not. Working. So i sent it off for yet another repair. It came back a week later with everything fixed! I was straight on the internet talking to my friend who develops games with me telling him how happy I was. Until.. My laptop keyboard literally popped out of the laptop. And the keyboard and trackpad were completely broken and inoperable. I rang them up and spoke to the first man who was very rude, I told him I want a replacement or a refund and he hung up on me,so I rang back and the man was nicer until I said I wanted a replacement or refund and he started to get angry with me so I demanded to speak with a manager, he told me he wasnt in so I politely asked him so your whole team.. Has no manager, do you think Im stupid? And the manager talked to me, I then passed the phone to my mum and she explained our situation, single parent not entirely wealthy, no othrr laptops in the house and he offered us a refund finally. He said we'll book it in and you will know by saturday, I had to ring them to find out. It is january the 12th and i have been having this problem since june. Worst service/company ever DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM PC WORLD OR CURRYS AND NEVER. USE KNOWHOWS SERVICES.

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