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Westin Gourmet


Bought some very average meat from them and suddenly I am getting emails from some kind of social media rubbish website saying I had been signed up by Westin Gourmet.....

............ this whole thing is very poor: I thought I was being asked for a REVIEW, not a request for action. The contact that I was annoyed with was from some external organisation that had received my details from WG, and supposedly created an account in my name that I could not delete. I do not remember who it was, but it was certainly something that I did not think I had invited, and certainly would not have invited had I been made aware.

14 January 2013

Reply from Westing Gourmet


Thanks for your review, I'm sorry to hear that you're unhappy about the emails you're receiving. I've now removed you from our mailing list so no further emails will be sent to you.

All the best,

Westin Gourmet

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