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Ain't what they used to be...

I used to use Play for CDs and DVDs on a regular basis a few years back (2006-onwards) but have stopped for the following reasons:

1. They are (90% of the time) no longer cheaper than Amazon.

2. Once I ordered 3 items and 2 of them were *completely* wrong when they arrived.

3. I ordered a Belkin USB cable which sat on the "waiting" status for 2 weeks. I cancelled, got it for half the price on Amazon and they got it to me 2 days after ordering (with their free "Super Saver" delivery that is estimated to take a few days)

On a plus point the website is simply designed...(but just hope to God you don't have a problem with your order, as it's difficult to file a complaint - they like it that way obviously).

In summary, the whole point of Play (ie free delivery, reasonably priced) has been ruined by rubbish customer service. If you can't find it cheaper elsewhere, then go for it. Otherwise, Amazon is a significantly more professional company....(hint hint)




I've used PlayTrade about 4 times (and was alright, nothing amazing), but no more - here's why...

Okay so I bought a DVD from a PlayTrade seller (mgamesxx - stay well away!) and when I ordered it he had good feedback. The item was supposedly dispatched hours after I ordered it (on a Sunday!!???!WTF!!!). Anyway I hoped for the best, but after a fortnight I could see I wasn't going to get my DVD, as negative comments had started to flood in, so I tried emailing Play (difficult to find an email and I got an automated response).

Eventually decided to ring Play, who are stand-offish at best when it comes to customer service, and despite 85 (yes 85) negative comments to this guy's account, they insist to "look into it" and get back to me shortly. At least with eBay if you get scammed you have buyer protection. And although I have been scammed on eBay as well, it was relatively painless getting my money back (filing a complaint with PayPal).

So yeah, avoid at all costs, it's not worth the (small) monetary saving you may gain. Overall I am shocked that this scammer is still allowed to trade.

Sort it out Play, you used to be ok.


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