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Holidays Please

Fine when booking. Inconsiderate and poor customer service when problems arise with flight cancellations.

I paid over £5000.00 for my honeymoon, just 6 months before we're due to fly, our return flight from gatwick was cancelled. Received an email from holidaysplease advising we need to get into a taxi from gatwick after a 10 hour flight and travel to heathrow airport which takes over an hour (cost covered) then wait in the airport for a few hours for the next flight to Manchester. Over lengthy discussions about how this has caused us inconvenience and trying to figure out an alternative to getting home straight away, we were backed into a corner to agree to the changes or they would cancel our honeymoon altogether. I asked for any sort of compensation as a gesture of goodwill even just a free upgrade on one of the flights or a little discount off the holiday for the inconvienence, but it was just a straight 'no' and the dreaded 'put it in writing to complain' Sorely disapointed. A small gesture would have made us feel better, but they are more bothered about their own pockets.

14 January 2013

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Dear Jennifer

Thank you for your review. We like to investigate the very rare situation where we receive reviews less than 5 stars. This way we can improve for the future.

I have looked into the case for you. As you say British Airways cancelled a route after it had been booked and about 6 months before you were to travel. Unfortunately airlines can sometimes change their routes and if you had booked with the airline they may have refunded your money and cancelled their flight leaving you high and dry. However you booked with ourselves and a tour operator and between the two of us we wanted to try and find an alternative for you. We feel that a free of charge taxi ride between Gatwick and Heathrow to get your flight to Manchester was the best available alternative for a situation caused by the flight change.

I am sorry that you say that a "small gesture would have made us feel better, but they are more bothered about their own pockets."

As I understand it we did offer some extra spending money at the airport to apologise for the inconvenience caused by BA's flight change. If this offer hasn't been communicated to you then I will get it sent again.

We have been working on this this for almost a month but every time we come back to the taxi as the best option. We have even offered a full refund so that a new holiday with new flights can be booked. After a month of assisting with this we felt that a decision needed to be made because if a refund/cancellation was to be given then having as much time before departure to find a new holiday is obviously desirable.

99.9% of the time airlines don't just cancel routes. When they do it is very inconvenient for all concerned and it is virtually impossible to find an alternative that doesn't cause inconvenience of some sort. The best we can do is to try and find the best possible alternative together with a small gesture of goodwill, which is what we have done in this case. Of course to also offer a full refund which can be used to book a new holiday.

Hopefully our other holiday reviews show that you are more than likely to have a fantastic honeymoon with us and that the one element of inconvenience will not take the shine off what we hope will be a fabulous holiday for you.

We are sorry that the experience has not been what you would have liked to date but we hope that our continuing service and the holiday itself will provide some comfort.

Best wishes

Charles Duncombe
Director -

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