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Bad all round company

We needed a washing machine desperately, as our machine had packed up. So, on 29th December we ordered a Bosch washing machine. We could not get a delivery date right away, and was told to call for one later in the following week.
Whilst we was at Currys we also looked at fridge freezers as we needed one, and also bought a beko fridge freezer the same day. So we spent a lot of money. I asked if we needed to defrost the fridge freezer we already had, as we needed it taken away. We were told, 'No they take it as it is.' We were very pleased with this.
We rang to arrange a delivery date and were delighted when we were offered the same day as the fridge freezer (4th Jan).
On the day of delivery the fridge freezer came, and the driver also went to unload a Samsung product, until I said it wasn't for us! I said we had a washing machine due, and he said it must be out of stock. He told me not to ring, and someone would call me the next day.
They brought the fridge freezer up, and refused to take the other one away, no explanation. They left the new fridge freezer in all its packaging in the middle of the floor. we had to leave it for four hours, and because of limited room, and five flights of stairs (flat) we were stuck. I called Know how, who tried to call the driver and couldn't get through (convenient) and I was told we would get a call the following morning. We then had to sit with hairdryers defrosting the old fridge freezer and stand it in our hall. We were very late to bed, and were shattered for work the next day. (also I have a bad back)
The next day I got no phone call, and when I called on my lunch break, no one seemed to know what was wrong.
I spent the whole hour on the phone, so I met my partner at Currys and after nearly two hours of apologies, excuses and reassuring, we were told we would get the fridge freezer picked up on the next sat 12 jan. We were told we had been told wrong abut not defrosting the fridge freezer. We then had to pick a different washing machine, as our machine was out of stock - so why sell it??? All Bosch machines were out of stock... we picked a beko, but I was not happy really. We had a delivery date for today 13.01.13. Guess what? It didn't come!!! The fridge freezer was picked up, and the delivery driver mentioned it was because of the stairs they didn't take it!!! Yet the new fridge freezer is a lot bigger. But the washing machine did not come, in fact all day I said they would let us down, because of the stairs!!! I called know how at 5:10pm ( delivery time scheduled 2pm to 6pm) and she sounded a bit vague. She said they were running behind today, but were scheduled to come. She didn't know where the driver was.
So, after advise, we have bought a washing machine online with John Lewis, I hope it is third time lucky. Going back to Currys tomorrow for a refund, and never shopping there again!!!

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