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Too expensive for small businesses

There are other options out there for product reviews. Too expensive for small businesses.


Dislike the negative

Ironic to be writing a negative review about a negative-centric company, but CNN takes the cake. Their stories are such debbie downers always! Really wish they would find some journalistic integrity and cover balanced stories that are also uplifting at times.


Never steers me wrong for well rated restaurants

I have eaten at hundreds of Yelp restaurants over the years. If it's 3.5 stars or up, I have a good experience the vast majority of the time. 2 star restaurants are consistently not good. So, at least from the consumer standpoint, it works for me. I have an online store, not local, and personally I don't believe that they are doing anything shady. It's hard to provide the level of transparency needed but seems to me like they are making progress.


No issues, shop at Amazon regularly

I'm actually a merchant myself, which makes me uniquely fit to evaluate others. I really like the way Amazon does business, and I have never had an issue with them after many years of shopping there. They are committed to fast shipments, and when I have had to return something, it has gone smoothly. Whenever I need something, I fire up my Amazon app and buy it in seconds.


Has been great for us for 5+ years

We've used ResellerRatings for brand reviews of our store for more than 5 years for our small business selling automotive accessories. Their rates have gone up a bit over time but they are so worth it. We regularly hear from shoppers that they didn't know who we were, but decided to buy after seeing our ResellerRatings ratings in Google.com and our AdWords ads. Now that they have product reviews, the value is more clear than ever. We couldn't afford Bazaarvoice, but ResellerRatings rates for product reviews are affordable and I like the format. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

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