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Nickel !

Heureusement, il m'à arrivée trés vite necessité utiliser lame Bi-Metal pour faire coup de plonge/eur entre surface du bois (un peu mouillé) et paneaux de acier epais 3mm, profondeur méme comme ce du lame Bi-Metal; tout à passée de une maniére doucement.

Mr Memory

Very Pleased Indeed !!!

After having had considerable trouble with one of Mr. Memory's rivals in the U.K. and lost a great deal of time in the event, returned to your site, which I'd discovered "in the very nick of time" and found virtually instantly, and without difficulty, the RAM up-grade needed for my late 2012 MAC Mini 2,6Ghz i7CPU (desktop) computer, and having installed it shortly after delivery, it's now providing excellent service.
For others with the SAME MODEL of MAC Mini, a word of advice. I found the instruction moulded into the Mini casing for removing the original RAM cards MISLEADING; the upper card with its plastic end clips DOES NOT PIVOT upwards in its entirety. The RAM card will do so ONLY after the shiny steel springs EMBEDDED/INSERTED in the black plastic clips have been gently teased sideways away from the RAM card horizontally. In my case the plastic broke, the springs fell onto the pcb/motherboaard, from which they were carefully removed with rubber-gloved hands (STATIC damage otherwise, perhaps!) and HAD to glue with CyanoAcrylate glue one spring back into the damaged plastic clip SO AS TO BE ABLE TO CLOSE the mini's case.
Correct alighnment of both springs with the ends of the cards IS VITAL, and patience and good light is required. Once the LOWER card has been replaced, the uppermost can be gently pressed down into the waiting arms of the shiny metal springs which click back into place to hold it parallel with its lower companion.
The remaining spring IN MY CASE remains to be fitted in place, IF EVER that proves necessary.

14 January 2013

Reply from Mr Memory

Good Morning Doug,

I would like to thank you for taking the time and effort to leave a review following your recent order. Also thank you for the sharing the information about the difficulties you faced when upgrading your Mac Mini.

Best Regards
Andi Tamplin - Assistant Web & Data Manager

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