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Muubaa Ltd

Is this really happening?

I ordered my muubaa jacket on your website. I was expecting to receive a jacket in grey colour as it was presented and visually seen on the website. But in the box there was a jacket in green colour and when I contacted the customer service they tried to convince me that I have no reason to get upset because this type of jacket was never produced in grey colour. It was produced in greyish-green colour - and this is what I got. But the colour of the jacket had nothing to do with grey! I was disappointed since I felt mislead - the information about the colour of the jacket on the website was wrong. You cannot mark one greyish-green colour as two diffrerent colours first as grey and then as green! Since I had to pay myself for the return (and the reason I returned the jacket was your misinformation)I was really disappointed in your service.
Yout products are fabolous and the same it should be for your service

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