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For me it is falsely advertised

Sorry to put a downer on all the positive reviews ekmpowershop are getting but i actually gave up with my shop after signing up with them as I just couldn't get what i wanted out of the software. For the money it was a good investment and i had an idea of how i wanted my website to look. It is falsely advertised that there is no coding experience required, so in 2010 i stupidly signed up with them.

After picking a template I wanted to make some small changes but was unable to because I don't know HTML. I never realised I would need to know coding because its advertised as "easy to use" and "no coding knowledge required". A friend of mine new a bit about HTML and was willing to help me, but unfortunately let me down, so i just done my best and it didnt last long. The frustration with trying to learn HTML code got the best of me and i gave up, why advertise falsely? All i wanted was to be able to design a shop without having to pay extra and even when i phoned them for advice all they wanted was money for them to help me. So I've decided to give the shop another go and have signed up with another company called speeda who are brilliant.

My advice is if want to start a shop and don't have experience or the time to learn coding language then don't get suckered into signing up with ekmpowershop. Goto their free demo and try changing the shop template to your taste, its impossible if you don't know HTML. So basically its not for beginners and a huge waste of time for me, which is why I give it 2 stars.


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