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Consistently awful service

This company keeps leaving parcels outside despite the note on the door asking couriers to leave parcels with the neighbours when we are out and explicitly stating "Yodel - do not leave parcels outside!". I have highlighted "Yodel" with a red marker and only a blind person would miss it. Still, they keep ditching parcels in the driveway, by the door, behind the bin, under the car, etc. All other couriers either leave parcels with the neighbours as per my note, or leave a card. Yodel never do. Yesterday for the umpteenth time they left a parcel outside in the rain, while it was raining, and of course it got completely soaked. It contained electronic equipment; I have not yet had time to test whether it works or not.

A year ago they failed to delivery my mother's Christmas present, but said they would deliver it for New Year. They did not. I obtained a refund from the vendor, but my mother remained without a present.

On other occasions Yodel left a card "Sorry you were out" and the parcel in front of the door in plain view from the street, although we were in fact at home and the lights were on. They just did not bother ringing the doorbell. This included apparent temp workers with their own cars who were always in a hurry to dump the parcel and leave.

Once Yodel managed to hit a parcel so badly that they cracked the screen of the item inside despite the abundant foam padding. It took me almost a month to return the damaged item and receive a replacement from the German vendor.

I have complained to <external link removed> UK three times about Yodel's delivery service of "Prime" orders. Every time <external link removed> politely replied that they took such complains very seriously and would look into the matter. However, Yodel continued leaving <external link removed> orders outside, so I was forced to cancel my "Prime" subscription.
I also avoid ordering from online retailers who deliver with Yodel.

I suppose Yodel's business model is to do a maximum number of deliveries in minimum time without returning items to the depot, thus keeping costs low and offering competitive prices to business customers. I see no other reason why big retailers like <external link removed>, etc. would still use Yodel apart from cost savings that outweigh the horrible quality of service. It must be more economical to compensate customers for damaged or lost orders rather than to do the job properly! At the same time it is putting unfair pressure on <external link removed> and courier companies that take the time to actually do their job.

Yodel's is a despicable service that has no place in the UK in the 21st century. It has to reform, or die.

Festive Lights


I did not like the product I bought and emailed Festive Lights. No response. I emailed them again. Then again. Nothing. This is not the way to treat a customer.

15 January 2013

Reply from Festive Lights Ltd

Hi Stefan, an email response was sent to you on the 10th January at 9.24am, if you have not received this, can I ask that you please check your junk email folder as they do sometimes end up there. If this is not the case, then I would advise that you give the office a call where your problem can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

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