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Discourteous and Disrespectful

My wife and I used EasyBus on Jan 8th and Jan 13th. (Round trip from Gatwick, London). Our trip from Gatwick wasn't bad. It was a van completely packed with people and luggage. First of all, our EasyJet flight was delayed and we barely made our pickup time at the airport. However, we got picked up/dropped off no problem.

Now, here is the kicker...when we were getting picked up at West Brompton, there were about 30 people waiting for their 10AM bus, 10:10 bus, and 10:25 bus. We were waiting before all of the times because we wanted to be early. The driver showed up at 10:22 (I checked my watch) and said he was only taking passengers with the 10:25 ticket. This turned into one of the most verbally abusive altercations I have ever been a witness of. The driver, who barely spoke English, said over and over, "10:25 only." It was 0 degrees outside, people were freezing, and this bus driver would only take people with the ticket that I had. Now, I made the bus no problem, but the people that had been waiting were denied service. I can understand if they were to show up late, but to have them straight up deny service was unreal. I would highly recommend taking the [External Reference] or other bus service out of London Gatwick airport. Easybus/Jet is not worth it.

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