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I am quite forgiving, but this has been a really terrible experience.

No replies at all to any of the emails I have sent so far - it has been 3 days since my first email.

Product out of stock (this wasn't stated on the site). Tried to phone about the order - got a very short/abrasive response that they couldn't discuss ordering a replacement for the out of stock item as I was speaking to the internet department.

They agreed to speak to me about a replacement - then I nearly ended up double paying for another replacement item.

Cancelled order - but order still shows as Pending in Paypal - and won't respond to my request for them to cancel the order in Paypal.

Nightmare customer service, they need to realise that if they say they will reply in 24 hours - they need to do that! Even just an acknowledge me that my email had been recieved would be nice. And also separating the service for internet and phone orders and refusing to take orders over the phone is madness.

Overall they have come off like scamsters, despite clearly having a fairly decent enterprise.

Strangely - they just tried to delete this review to lack of proof of an order! They could easily have just searched using my name as listed on this site.

Here is the order reference number:

Reference Your Order: 0630156134S


Impressed you guys tried to skew it to sound like I was the one not replying! You guys had every chance to reply to my emails, but didn't. You only started phoning me AFTER I submitted the bad review, at which point we had already gathered the item was out of stock and I had no interest in buying anything else from you. Please don't twist the facts, just accept that you guys really need to work on your customer service and order process.

08 July 2013

Reply from RGB Electrical Superstore

Dear Mr.Colin McDermott
Updated 04-07-2013:

Thanks for giving order No.

Please accept our sincere apologies you have had cause to post a poor review. Your comments have been duly noted.

We have looked into your complaint and can see from our records that you was sent an email on the 01/07/13 advising the goods are out of stock and that if you still wanted the order to be kept on back order please advise by return . We failed to get any response from you and in spite of leaving a number of massages on your mobile, unfortunately with no further communication from you we then sent an email on the 02/07/13 advising you that the order was cancelled .

We had made every effort to further contact you in reference to your complaint to try and further ascertain this issue but again we have had no further communications from you .

Please note that your order was cancelled and your shadow payment was refunded on the 02/07/13 via PayPal and this normally takes two or three day to show back into your account

We are very sorry to lose a valuable customer.

Web Team

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