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Good prices, fast delivery.

Cheapest product available, arrived super fast. Top service.


Outstanding! Price, quality, service.

I couldn't have asked more from a retailer. The website is easy to understand & use. The price fair. Super fast free delivery. Delivered on time. Carried to the bedroom. High quality products & service. I'd use Mattressman again without hesitation & recommend them.

21 August 2012

Reply from Mattressman

Thank you for your custom and for taking the time to leave your feedback it is much appreciated.

Kind regards

Customer service manager


Top service

Great price, great service. All in all perfect.


Perfect for big readers

if you love books you'll love this site, put a list of your unwanted books up on the site and wait for other members to contact you, if you like a book on their list you have a swap. or find a book on someone list and see if they'd like to swap with you. Simple to use it works on trust, they send their book, you send yours and you rate each other. Never had a problem with any swap and a the most postage costs £2, where can you get a cheaper book of your choice?


Excellent in every way

I have used Zooplus several times, the products are reasonably priced, with some good discounts on offer and the deliveries arrive on time and in good condition. They are even happy to arrange for my parcels to be left in a specified safe place if I can't be home to sign for them. All round a top service from a trustworthy company.


Not to be trusted!

I ordered a camera bundle for my partners Birthday (October 4) on September 27, thinking as next day delivery was promised this would be plenty of time.

I am including the correspondance as an example of the poor service they provide, nice words but empty promises.

September 29 - "I placed the above order, which is a present for a birthday on October 4th, on monday 27th Sep.
According to your website, the status of the order this morning is "Order Received and to be Processed".
Could you please explain what this means and when I can expect delivery?

CB "Hello, thank you for e-mailing
The product you have ordered is currently out of stock. We are anticipating a delivery this Friday (the 1st October). Your order should be sent off either Friday evening or Monday morning depending on the arrival time of our delivery.
If this is going to be a problem, please e-mail me letting me know how you would like to proceed with this order."

According to the website stock became available October 1.

October 5-"Further to your response - according to your order tracking this order has still to be processed, even though your website showed that you received a delivery of the camera on Friday. As I explained in an earlier e-mail, the camera is a present for a birthday that was yesterday. I would appreciate a very prompt response and a delivery tomorrow at the latest (your website claims "Same day despatch- next day delivery". You have not lived up to that promise),

CB "Sorry about that, it looks as though it will be dispatched today. You should receive a confirmation shortly. Apologies for the inconveniences"

"Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I have had no confirmation yet and the tracker still says "Order received and to be processed". Could you please chase this up.

CB "I will look into this."

October 6- "Thank you.
Any news on this order?"

CB- "I do apologise, I have spoken to our sales department. It appears that we have been delaying dispatch of this product as we received them in with foreign user manuals.
We are currently sourcing these and orders should go out once we receive them in. I do apologise for the inconveniences."

We only received this response once I had copied in the email I found here on other complaints.

Note the word "should" in the emails.

The monies were taken from my account on September 27, this is unacceptable as at this time the camera was not even in stock, let alone on it's way.

I feel that I have been more than patient. Surely if there is a problem with an order it is the companies responsibility to contact the customer and as the product I ordered is not available for whatever reason I should have been offered the option of a refund.

It has made what should have been a really special day for my partner much less so.

As for the excuse about the foreign manuals unless theses are grey imports the manuals should be in the correct language, I have asked for my camera to be shipped straight away with the manual to follow.

"Dear ****, You told me yesterday evening you would look into the delay in my order. I have had no response from you since. I am growing increasingly frustrated with this whole situation and would appreciate a very prompt response and immediate despatch of the order. What delay can there be at this point? You apparently have the items in stock and you have my money."

CB- I have received a confirmation that you would like your order to be dispatched, we will get this taken care of."

I will be very happy if the camera arrives tomorrow, in good condition and as specified, I will also be very surprised.

I will be contacting trading standards, Which and my credit card company about Camerabox.


UPDATED 06/10/10
Another 2 hours have passed and still no response. How complicated can this be?
You have my money, you have the stock, all that needs to happen now is that the items I ordered 10 days ago get despatched to me.
Please provide the service that your website promises.

CB -I do apologise for the late response,
As per my earlier e-mails I can confirm that your order is due to be dispatched without the user manuals.

07/10/10 09.41
Your order tracking is still showing that my order has not been processed yet. When can I expect delivery?

Dear *****,
I got your name and email address from the Trustpilot website and am contacting you as your name appears under several reviews and you do seem to be trying to respond to customer complaints. I have copied you in on my last few emails to **** *****, the "online response manager" as I wanted you to see what appalling service is being provided. Like many of the reviewers on the Trustpilot site, I am extremely disappointed with Camerabox - I can honestly say its the worst online service I have ever received and I have been a regular online shopper for more than 5 years.
I decided to place my order with you because your prices were competitive and you were listed in a recent Which? review as a supplier. I didnt read the Trustpilot reviews before placing my order with you - if I had then I would not have ordered. Similarly, if it werent for the complaints on Trustpilot about the way refunds are dealt with, I would have cancelled my order several days ago. As things stand I have no confidence that my money would be refunded in a reasonable timeframe so feel I have no choice but to leave the order in place with you and hope that the goods I have paid for will be provided. I will certainly make Which? aware of the problems I have experienced with my order.
At this point, all Im asking is that the goods I have ordered and paid for are despatched to me today, albeit with the non-english user manual (I have asked that the english manual is sent on once you have them in stock). Could you please follow up with my request?
Thank you in anticipation

11.13 CB-I have to be honest I have seen your emails come through and I left it for **** to reply, are do not think you are being fair at all in regards to allow us time to reply to your email. You sent it a 9:51, this email is 11:09. That is unfair to expect us to get back to you in that time, for example we state will get back to you within 3 hours, that with 500 customers a day, Amazon state 24hrs! I will come back to you but please allow your email to be handled, I will speak to **** about this issue and liaise accordingly.

14.19 CB-I do apologise, I have been corresponding with our shipping department and our MD over these issues, and despite my persistence they have refused to send this bundle out without the standard user manuals.
We are anticipating delivery of these in the next week.
We are also offering a special upgrade for customers in your position. If you like we can upgrade your order to the S95 for only £20 ready for immediate dispatch.
Please let us know how you would like to proceed with this order.

14.43 Thank you for your message.
I will accept your offer to upgrade to the S95 model for £20 provided you give me your written assurances that:
1) the bundle will be dispatched today and delivered tomorrow
2) the the camera and the rest of the bundle is intended for the UK market and is not a grey import
If you do provide these assurances but then do not deliver the product accordingly, I will immediately cancel the order, return the products if delivered and put in place procedures for refund via the credit card company based on failure to supply.

15.11 CB-In regards to your questions:
1) 100% delivery tomorrow
2) The S95 is directly from Canon UK, the S90 has been discontinued and we had to search further a field for it, in this case Scandanavia, we do not source Canon grey imports at all as there is an agreement in place.

I agreed to the "upgrade" on these conditions being fulfilled. Good money after bad? Maybe. But the companies reputation on refunds is so poor I thought it was worth a try and I now have something in writing. The emails came from several different addresses and were not always signed off by the correct person but I do have them.

I live in hope of the S95 arriving on time and in the promised condition. But as I received an email stating the S90 had been shipped at 16.28 who knows what may arrive! If anything.
I maybe a fool for dealing with this company but Camerabox are a joke.


UPDATE 08/10/10

Good Afternoon.
The email sent to me yesterday evening confirming shipment still refers to the S90 rather than the S95; can you please let me know what camera will be delivered?
Is it possible to get a tracking number so I can find out where the order is in the delivery chain?

CB-The S95 has been sent to you as agreed yesterday, the latest information given it is on the delivery van. I have also seen you review on trustpilot and hope when you receive the camera you update the review accordingly.

Finally the camera has arrived as promised, the box was a little bashed, but it appears yo be a U.K model and as far as I can tell in full working order. it has registered on the Canon site, so that's promising. So thanks for the camera Camerabox, but your service is still appalling.

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