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Animated Ads ruin the whole experience.

I enjoy the benefits your company is giving to the gamer that doesn't know what they want to buy and play. And most of the games I have bought I no longer play. I understand being a free service that you need to advertise to make your money but several of these ads ruin everything good about your service. There is a milk add that like to just take over the screen, I also seen someone say something about the Dominoes add, The arbys add, the add, and several others that either take up the screen and stop the game play. Today its the Dr Pepper rolling add. And that one keeps playing over and over again like it knows and you know its locking up my computer and its your way to try to get me to pay for this service. But that will not happen as long as I continue to get unhappy experiences.

22 January 2013

Reply from Freeridegames

Hey there Ron,

We would like to apologize for the advertisements that appeared and prevented you from playing. I'd like to assure you that it is not our intention to ever prevent you from playing the games and that advertisements like this are not intended and we work hard to avoid this issue (but with so many ads and regions a few can slip by).

We want to locate and fix/get rid of these problematic advertisements as soon as possible, but in order for us to do that we need to have a screenshot submitted to our Customer Service team. Once we have that screenshot we can get these ads taken care of.

The next time this ever happens, please take a screenshot of the advertisement and submit this issue to our Customer Service team by going to and click the "Need Help?" button at the top. By submitting this screenshot to us, we can identify the ad and get rid of it easily.

**If you are not familiar with how to take a screenshot, please visit this site:

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