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Baby Shower Host

Nitpicking, but still irritated. Good service though.

I placed the order not for a baby shower, but for a gender reveal party, which means that the theme is colour based - half blue and half pink - and also that I'm organising it myself and prone to exacting a higher level of attention to detail than perhaps a friend would.

There was an issue with the pink cutlery being out of stock which was compounded by them not knowing when it would be back in stock, but I wasn't in a rush so was happy to receive the pink cutlery at a later date.

I received the package promptly and was surprised to find that the pink cutlery was included but it quickly became apparent that they had restocked their pink cutlery from a different source.

Maybe not a huge deal, not one I'm got going to bother chasing up, but now the blue and the pink cutlery are from different sets. They don't match. Even the size is slightly off and to be perfectly honest I find it irritating and a bit short sighted of the company for it not to occur to them that themes need to match as closely as possible.

Furthermore, with the colour being the theme I also expected it to match and it doesn't. Different shades you kind of expect, but some of the "pink" items are actually peach such as the plates, balloons and cups.

I do feel like having a little tantrum about it but I'm just allowing to let it slide for stress levels sake and hope that the company read this and perhaps reconsider their quality control because although it will suffice, it could and should be better.

All my interactions with the company and their customer service team have been excellent.

Wells Poultry Ltd

Very Good

Items arrived promptly and as described, so everything you could expect.

There was a washer included in the order that i had no idea what to do with and therefore had to inquire and even though i got a reply i still wasn't too sure.

Also, i found the "ASAP" and "Non Urgent" options for delivery unnecessary and confusing so i paid more because i did not know how long a non urgent order might take.

I later found the information regarding delivery time in the T&Cs but why it can't just be right there in the delivery options i do not know.

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