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I orderd a reworked zukoo from nursery value, having brought a pushchair from them before (a reworked petitie star zia) which I was very happy with . It did have the odd scratch which I xepected and it wasn't a problem to me because it was just small imperfection. When my zukoo arrived I was very pleased once again with the pushchair looking like new and not a mark on it, I read the information about the reworked pushchairs as any imperfections as being scratches or stains on the material any minor imperfection. I was very disappointed to discover on our first trip out with it that the back wheel had been attached to the buggy woncky and when pushing the buggy with my little boy in it became quite obvious. I rang nursery value and explained the problem but as I had taken the buggy out there is nothing they would do (which they do say clear on the web site, its just unfortunate I didn't see the problem untill I started using the buggy) and it is now going to cost me another £15 for a replacment back wheel so that the buggy funtions correctly. I do feel as it's a problem with the workings of the buggy and not a minor imperfection they should send the replacment wheel to fix the problem. Very disppointed after such a good transaction with the first pushchair .

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