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What a joke this company is, Monty Python runs customer service and shipping.

I had previously ordered 2 shower towers (2 years ago and 6 months ago) from H/R with no issue. We are renovating a condominum we recently bought in Florida and ordered 2 units to be shipped to the contractor onsite in Florida. The package arrived and H/R shipped the wrong unit, so they screwed up half of the order. We had scheduled a plumber to hook both of these up so that had to be rescheduled and we were charged a rescheduling charge. When I went to customer service online, they wanted a complete description of what they had shipped. Luckily the contractor had taken a picture of the 2 units and then H/R agreed to ship out a replacement. I had now spent almost 2 hours online. When the replacement order arrived via email, I noticed that they were shipping the replacement to our address in New Jersey and I immediately contacted "Sadie" back at customer service who assured me, twice, that this is the way it had to be entered, but they were absolutely shipping the replacement to Florida. 4 days later, the replacement arrived at our New Jersey address. Sadie again promised to get back with a forwarding label and information about shipping. It has now been 4 days and I have heard nothing from H/R. On my own and at my expense, I have shipped the replacement to our contractor in Florida (having opened the package to make sure A: it was the right unit, and B: all the parts were there. I've now sent another email requesting a refund of my shipping charges and some offset for the massive screw-ups. Bottom line, if you have all the time in the world and don't mind sending things back, several times, then order from Hudson Reed, otherwise beware. I've recommended them to several folks, but now must go back and warn them. For this renovation, we have ordered a lot of items online --another company omitted part of their order but when I contacted them, I got a courteous reply after an apology and the missing faucet was sent overnight, again with their apology.

January 28. H/R sent yet another shower tower to the address in Florida, with no prior notice to me. I continue to get apologies and insistence that they are doing everything in their power and referring the matter to their managers. Meanwhile, I now have 2 shower towers, the original wrong one and one extra one. I was promised that someone would contact me about pick up instructions prior to today...guess what, no email or phone calls. It seems my only option is to have the contractor put the stuff on the curb and be done with it. I cannot believe the supreme incompetence.

29 January 2013

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Dear Mr Lyons,

I would like to take this opportunity to once again sincerely apologize for the trouble you have experienced during your order process.

As discussed in our messages and in our last phone call we have thoroughly investigated the issues which you have mentioned in order to establish what has gone wrong and most importantly to establish how we can resolve the issue for you.
All information regarding the issues experienced with your order have been passed onto the appropriate levels of management to investigate what went wrong, how we can resolve the situation and how we can prevent any situation such as this from happening in the future.
I am sorry that you feel you have spent unnecessary time trying to correct these problems, however as discussed we have done everything possible to resolve the problems experienced as swiftly as possible with the instructions you have provided.

Please let me reiterate that this situation is highly unusual and is something which we have not experienced before.

Once again please accept our sincere apologies for all the inconvenience caused.

Kind Regards,


The Hudson Reed USA team

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