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My worst customer experience ever!

This has been my experience so far. 

1. When I ordered my product, i was told you had three items in stock, that I could expect dispatch within three to five days, and delivery within seven to ten days. That is why I placed the order with you. I needed the product quickly.

2. After the three to five days, I emailed customer service to find out why my order was still showing as "order approved" in the my account area of your website. I did not receive a satisfactory answer. [name removed] told me you were "doing your best" to get the item to me. Dibbee told me that "all appeared to be on track" which obviously wasn't the case, and that there were "a few more formalities" that needed to be taken care of before my order was dispatched, and offered a truly ridiculous reason for the delay which was that my product was being bubble wrapped! I couldn't believe that it took five days to bubble wrap a product! Now [name removed] responds and tells me that the product will be shipped late this week, or early next week, which firstly is vague, and secondly didn't begin to answer the other questions I mentioned above.

3. So I decided to call your help line with the hope of talking to a manager that may have the authority to fast track my product and secondly may be able to offer me a better explanation than bubble wrap for the delay with my product. Your website says you're available "24 hours, Monday to Friday". I called at 8am, 9am and 10am to hear a recorded message saying you were closed. When I called at 11am the phone rang for over 30 minutes before I lost patience and hung up. I called back later at 1pm and the phone rang for six minutes before someone answered. I spoke to three people throughout the day, none of whom gave me their name. The first one told me that she would email me a response by the end of the day and she would have a manager call me to discuss further. The second I called at 4:30pm to make sure that my email and call were still to be expected. She assured me they would both happen by 5:30pm. I received [name removed]s email (below) at 5:11pm, which again didn't answer my questions, and I called a third time, again trying to speak to management. The third person I spoke to was unable to tell me anything aside from that she apologized for the delay, and that orders were dealt with in a first in first out manner. She told me management were unavailable to speak to me, and couldn't give me a time frame on when they would call me. She also told me that she had spoken to the previous people that had promised me a call from management, and said that I had not been promised such a call. I presume from my experience with managing call centers that you record calls for quality purposes. Please listen to those calls, as I don't appreciate being called a liar.

4. So, after three emails and three phone calls, each more frustrating than the last, I don't have:
A firm timeframe on dispatch or delivery.
An acceptable explanation for the delay.
An understanding of how I am to be compensated for the delay.

I would like to speak to a manager who has the authority to answer these questions, or I will be forced to escalate these issues to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

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