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Multiple transactions made... all went perfecly

Have made a number of transactions now, totalling a good few thousand in value.

No problems at all. Any questions were answered promptly by helpful support staff.

Looking forward to seeing this company grow and prosper.


Lousy support and mile-wide greedy currency exchange rates

What a ghastly company.

Their exchange rates for currency conversions average about 5% .... even my bank is better value than allowing Paypal to convert currency, and my bank charges 2.5% !

Their support is an absolute joke.... first they send you a robot reply claiming " we've tailored this automated reply for you” .... yeah right... its just copy pasted from the support website THAT I HAVE ALREADY LOOKED AT !

Then they say "our system was not able to pull up any account under this email address" .... hmmm.... HOW COME I WAS ABLE TO LOGIN USING THAT EMAIL ADDRESS THEN ?

Paypal sucks. I hope some decent competitors enter the market because I don't want to do business with Paypal anymore.


Absolute shambles

I booked a parcel to be collected. The parcel was to be collected from a business address, and therefore there was someone guaranteed to be there from 8-5 every day.

Interparcel failed to collect **TWICE**. Both times they tried to finger point the blame at me by saying "Goods not ready for collection".

That blatant lying doesn't wash with me. I spoke myself to the collection address, and indeed to both receptionists sitting at the reception desk where the parcel laid waiting for collection. They both stated that nobody ever came to collect.

Sorry Interparcel. I don't like suppliers lying to me. I'm never going to do business with you ever again.

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