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online credit payment is out of date, payment refused due to outdated security at sofaworks

Had my mastercard payment refused. Called Crddit Card comany to find out why and they confirmed it was due to the sofaworks website using outdated credit payment modules hence the online refusal. Only way i for me to go to shop and pay instead!!


3 days ago

Reply from Sofaworks

Good Morning Seven Singh,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I will now get this looked into by our Web development team.

Also I will contact you to arrange other alternative methods of payment.

Kind Regards

Kyle Mullaney
Online Engagement


not hassle free. still waiting.

I ONLY decided to make my TV purchase as there was a very good cash back advertised, otherwise my plan was to wait until after Christmas. The cash back didn't track (seems to be a common problem). Now I am left hanging with having to make a missing claim and face uncertainty over a nearly £200 cash back claim. Quite frustrating.

22 January 2013

Reply from Topcashback

Hi Seven,

Thanks for taking the time to write a review.

I am sorry that your transaction hasn't tracked, but I hope that we will be able to resolve this via your missing cashback claim.

You can find advice in our Help section on how to ensure your purchases track.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards


What an AWFUL Company - Would NEVER buy again!

I ordered a pair of UGG boots from them for £180 as a Christmas Pressie for my Dear Wife. Shortly befoe delivery they automatically cancelled my order (presumably realising they didn't have stock of size 5) but STILL delivered and charged me for a pair of the WRONG size (size 3.5!).

Since then I have had to call them 3 times to try and get the item returns at CONSIDERABLE expense on their 0844 number (approx £5 cost so far!).

One of the time I organised for them to pick up from my work address but they STILL sent the courier to my HOME address. And you are NOT allowed to tell the courier to retry a different address!

Messages left for them on many occasions - say ill be answered within 1 day, 5 days laer NO response...

Emailed customer relations email address several times - NO response.

What a really BAD company to buy from - learned my lesson. Wont make THAT mistake again.

On my 3rd expensive 0844 call to them I re-arranged for pickup YET again - fingers crossed they dont send the courier to the wrong address this time.

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