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Absolutely appalling service all round!! Do yourselves a favour and avoid this company like the plague!!

Do not order anything from this company, they take your money, hardly ever deliver on time, if they deliver the goods at all!! I am still waiting on orders from July and September!! You cannot speak to a human being to complain, you cannot e-mail directly, you can only e-mail through their ridiculous system that refuses to send your query every time you type it!!! So basically it is impossible to ever get your goods or your thousands of £££££ back!!! I have been trying for at least the last 3 months to no avail!!! (my last query title "enough is enough") still waiting!!
They used to be quite good up until a year ago but have gone so down hill I am about to notify watchdog so they can spread the word to the general public about these charlatans!!!
If by any chance someone at Achica is reading this e-mail...... Good! Now sort it out before I notify the police you have stolen my money!!

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