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Produced when prodded

Ordered goods via groupon. No communication after 2 weeks so emailed to find out why. Apparently still waiting for items to be delivered (from China?) - black mark as shouldn't sell what you haven't got or don't make. Delivery promised for following week.
Chased again after 2 weeks - items now in, delivery promised shortly. Goods sent that day - tracker email said Royal Mail (up to 10 days!). In fact DPD and delivered to emailed time the next day. End result fine, goods fine, getting them a hassle - why didn't they keep me advised? Did they think I would cancel?

Gibb Stuart

Wouldn't trust them with the time of day

I ordered a battery powered hedge cutter on January 4th which I had been looking for for some time but which seemed to be generally out of stock elsewhere. I was therefore pleasantly surprised when my order was accepted and notification was emailed that payment had been received.
A week later I got another email from Trustpilot inviting me to rate the service received from Gibb Stuart. Since I was still awaiting delivery, I checked the website for the state of my order but there was nothing listed under my account. I then telephoned and spoke to Max who hummed and hawed a bit and said he would phone me back later that afternoon (a Friday) and when I pressed him he said it appeared to be a problem with the carrier.
No phone call so I rang again on Saturday and spoke to the manager (Sandy Gibb Stuart?) who said that Max didn't work on Saturdays. However, he would try to check and call back which he duly did, saying that the package was allegedly out for delivery but since the original carrier (DPD) had passed it on to Hermes, he couldn't do more until Monday.
I chased it again at lunchtime on Monday - Max was at lunch and the manager promised that he would call as soon as he got back. Silence again!!
I rang for the fourth time mid afternoon and spoke to Pat? who said he didn't know anything about it but he would check. He rang me back immediately to say that sorry- the carrier had lost the item and since the hedgetrimmer was now out of stock, they were refunding the money. He said that Max had sent me an email at 1.50 pm to that effect. I eventually recovered the mail from my junk mail - unsigned I might add.
I suggested to Pat that the whole story sounded distinctly fishy - particularly since I had not received any notification of dispatch with a DPD tracking number and also because no orders were listed on my account. How did they know that the item was lost and what were they doing about it? Why did Max not telephone me to explain but instead, sent an impersonal email? I told Pat from the information that I had, that I did not believe that they had ever sent the item. At best, it seems to me that I had been the victim of an administrative blunder and at worst, my payment has been taken as a way of easing short term cash flow problems. He assured me that this would never happen but promised to investigate and call me back. I am still waiting.
I am also still waiting for the refund of my payment of £89. So far, Gibb Stuart has had the use of my money for 11 days. I hope that it will not be another 11 days before I get it back. B&Q credits returns within 24 hours. Why can't Gibb Stuart?
On the basis of my experience, I will not be recommending this firm to anyone.

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