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Poor system security and bad policies.

I was a PayPal customer for 12 years but no longer. My account was hacked and the volume of charges should have sent fraud flags up quicker (if they ever did). The good news is they reversed the charges. The bad news follows.
Since they showed a lack of institutional security measures, I deleted the link to my bank account. I did however keep a link to a personnel credit card since I understand they need a line of credit to back up usage. In return they froze the account from sending money. To lift the limit, I had two options: 1) re-expose my bank account or 2) secure the account using a Paypal branded credit card. Option 1 wasn't an option as mentioned previously. Option 2 wasn't an option because I didn't want a new credit card showing up on my credit report and affecting my credit score. I thought option 3 would be that I could only send money covered by funds previously deposited. For example, if I had $20 deposited, I could send payments up to $19.99, but that wasn't an option they would consider.
After 12 years, I say goodbye and let the user beware.

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