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WOW what a waist of time

I Called this company and asked how long there deliveries take before i purchased anything, was told about 2 weeks if i ordered at the time i made the call to avoid christmas delays... So yeah i went ahead the same night and purchased a microwave from them online and have been waiting for it for the past 2 months near enough..

First phone call i made to them after 2 weeks in to my order i was told..."it is due to be delivered any day now you will receive a email"

Second phone call i made.... "i can see there was a problem with the manufacturer so it was delayed a few days, your delivery is due this week you will receive a email when it goes out"

Third phone call i made.... "we dont have your order in our stock right now and we do not expect to receive it from the manufacturer untill after christmas"

(funny how that effected me as my purchase was made near a month before christmas)

Fourth phone call AGAIN made by me.... "we have not received stock yet from the manufacturer because christmas has just gone past, you should expect to receive it mid january"

Fifth call made by me TODAY.... " i have to call the manufacturer to find out whats hapoening because its not in our stock yet"

I was idiotic enough to wait this long, not gona wait any longer, i cancelled my order. I am not shore how long im going to be waiting for the refund now as i was told my details will be sent to accounts who will then place my refund...they said up to 10 days, but hey there 2 weeks was 2months so god knows

DONT THINK JUST BECAUSE IT HAPPENED TO ALL THESE PEOPLE DOES NOT MEAN IT'LL HAPPEN TO ME... Because thats what i said when i read the reviews and look where i stand now

Never had to deal with anything so unproffesional as this before... Thanks for waisting my time redhill appliancess

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