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Don't buy from zavvi

Long deliveries for DVDs, shoddy customer service when you contact them, prices that change within minutes of ordering and a cancellations system that won't process even when you cancel within a couple of minutes of placing an order? I would suggest you spend your money elsewhere #zavvi #dontbuyfromzavvi

I ordered an item from zavvi priced at £79.99. Just after ordering I reviewed the product again and saw the price had reduced to £59.99, so I cancelled the order (within minutes of the original) I tried to place at the new price and at checkout it changed to £74.99. Ridiculous right?
Still, cheaper than the first order so I placed it.
After, I checked and the price on the site changed again to £69.99 - I was waiting for Jeremy Beadle to pop out my iPad! So canceled and replaced but by this time my credit card issuer had flagged the transactions and stopped it being debited.

Thank God they did - zavvi didn't process either cancellation - saying it was already processed. Bearing in mind how long they usually take to ship DVDs (last order took nearly 3 weeks!) I don't believe this for a minute.
So they shipped two items to me - one unfortunately left with a neighbour so I couldn't refuse delivery, the second I returned to sender (verified via the couriers website).
I've sent 4 messages to zavvi and so far had two replies - neither of them helpful. I've asked if they will refund my refused delivery - no response.
Ive asked if they can give me a Freepost address to return the item I have to - its bulky and why should I have to pay when an immediate cancellation after a misprice can't be processed. Again, ignored.
Just robotic call centre copy and paste emails.

To get some perspective on time, these orders were made 1/1/13, the refused delivery was 3/1. It's now 9pm on 15/1/13 and I'm none the wiser, no proper reply, no refund or response on the refund enquiry and I'm £150 out of pocket. Theyre awful.

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