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Frost Auto Restoration Techniques

Overpriced parts, expensive postage and then VAT added on top of that.

I've used Frost auto to buy POR 15 paint. POR 15 is expensive. Using a brush, the first coat barely covers and the finish starts to get very poor after the second coat. Versions requiring a topcat suffer even more and I'm really disapointed with the end result, especially after the hours of work that went into prepping the job. Almost all brush cleaners have proved to be ineffective making this a very expensive product to use as it ruins a brush every time. I have invested in the POR solvent this time so will see if that works, but the price is so high it's borderline whether that's cheaper than new brushes. Will see how it performs against the rust ultimately.
The prices online for the items appear to quote 'including tax' but then postage is added and VAT added on top of that. So it appears like tax is added twice. I thought the postage charges were unreasonably high in comparison to other items I've purchased via e-bay, for example. None of the other suppliers I've used add VAT on top of the postage price.
In conclusion, I'm not that keen on the product or the service.

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