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Pipe Ten Hosting Ltd

Fast, Accurate, Comprehensive, Helpful and Polite Support Every Time!

With over 15 years of working with different hosting providers, I've experienced everything from a barely acceptable level of service to over 20 emails required to resolve a single issue.

For a few years now though, I am pleased to report that I have encountered a provider that I would actually be happy to recommend to a friend.

PipeTen, provide the fastest, friendliest and clearest level of support that I have ever encountered. And for a website design business, support is the most important factor to consider.

Some are cheaper than others, but these days hosting providers are all fairly standard in the services they provide and the level of uptime they offer. The real test comes when you want to do something a little bit more unusual than a straight HTML website or something goes wrong at their end.

I have known providers regularly require in excess of 10 emails to resolve even the simplest of problems. As eluded to above, my own personal record was an unresolved issue with 1&1 (that caused me to ditch them), which required over 20 emails from myself and went on for more than three weeks!

In contrast, from my experience, support calls with PipeTen are typically resolved satisfactorily in 1-2 emails and well under 30 minutes, in fact most often 2-5 minutes.

Responses are always to the question you asked, accurate, clear and polite. Many questions are resolved with the first response, but where any technical clarification is requested, it is provided in abundance.

So, many thanks to Jamie, Gavin, Carl, Grenville and the rest of the PipeTen team.

Keep up the good work guys!

David Barton
EasierThan Website Design

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