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Autonet Insurance

Time wasters

These people cannot apply common sense to the answers they get to their questions. EG Question - Do you do any voluntary work? Answer - I'm on the church coffee rota and I am a member of the PTA at my son's school, neither of which involve my vehicle. Response - We will have to check with the insurer's about this to see if it will affect the premium. Duh! Time to find another insurer.

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02 April 2013

Reply from Autonet Insurance

John, I would like to try and resolve your complaint and in the first instance I would like to offer you our sincere apologies.

We honestly do try and provide high standards of customer service and when, in instances such as this something has gone wrong we work hard to try and put things right.

With this in mind can i ask you to please email us at: Please include your preferred contact details and we will call you and try to resolve all of the issues you have highlighted.

As I said above we are sorry that you are unhappy with our service and we will do our utmost to ensure that your complaints are dealt with quickly.

Kind regards and best wishes,

Amanda Bainbridge & Autonet Insurance

Ultralase - Precisely what your eyes deserve

Very disappointed with the service provided, it has left me needing more glasses than before.

I could not have laser treatment but was offered lens replacement surgery. This was supposed to give long distance vision as good as with my glasses and short distance good enough to read by for short periods with weak reading glasses for longer reading. After three painful operations (they put in the wrong lens in the first operation) I still need glasses for long distance (weaker than previously) and several pairs for short distances. They did not explain that this procedure leaves you with no focussing ability, so I can see things at one distance but not slightly closer or further away. It also reduced my peripheral vision and my night vision and produces a huge amount of halo around lights at night. I don't feel safe driving at night and my ability to work has been seriously affected. It is now over 12 months from the first surgery and all they say is wait another 3 or 4 months to see if it settles! Having a second operation to change the incorrect lens has also left me with an astigmatism. The staff at Cambridge all come across as very friendly but they can't give me answers for what has gone wrong and the process has cost nearly £8000 (almost what I earn in a year). This is without doubt the worst decision I have ever made.

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