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great product, great business, delivery systems are a nighmare so they are performing well below their potential.

Achica give the impression that they are struggling to cope so I do have to think twice before ordering and have found alternative suppliers on purpose due to my uncertainty as to thier financial stability. If they are stable, then the managment need considerable help.

Multiple item orders are delivered separately item by item and by a multiple selection of delivery companies making the delivery experience a big time investment, inconsistent and erratic. Achica also sell items that they have not secured from the many suppliers resulting in too many occasions where an item is cancelled by Achica many weeks later and so your money is held by Achica for goods they have no authority to sell. In addition, they do not notify you that the goods are not coming and the estimated delivery dates are often misleading or just plain rubbish. They need to stop these practices and admit that the customer experience for delivery is well below normal standards. With the impression being given that that they need funding, I hesitate to purchase and when I do, I keep the spend to a minimum in case they go bust inbetween.

All is not lost as the business model and selction of goods and supplliers are excellent. The website is good but unfortunately the customer interface is broken and has not been fixed for probably two months. The back end system displaying the order status does not work. The fact that it is not fixed also adds to the concern that they are short of cash to correct the problem. The website is not mobile phone compatible and the business model lends itself beatifully to an app. More focus on sorting out the customer facing issues is needed.

None of these issues are terminal and all can be fixed. When fixed, Achica has the potential to fly. I have given 3 stars on this customer survey. I look forward to the next survey to see if I can give a better star rating. I am willing them on and using them tentatively in between!

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