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Go well prepared & be thorough - but good experience overall

We have never bourght from a car supermarket before and were reluctant to start now. However they were the nearest place that had the car we were looking for (Nissan Qashqai)at the right price (found car through Auto Trader search). We were extremely thorough in our research before we arrived and had noted the price/details of like for like vehicles in other parts of the UK which proved to be a very good thing. The car we were interested in was being viewed / considered by another couple when we got there so we had to wait until they declared no interest before we were allowed to view it...which was a bit annoying. We eventually got to look at it but it was a different colour to that advertised (purple, not black)and in a poor state (both back electric windows were not working - so much for the 114 point check!). But we were then shown an alternative car the same spec but slightly higher mileage which turned out to be in great condition. The sales people were probably some of the nicest car salesmen we have met and NOT pushy at all. In fact we were encouraged to go away and think about it which has never happened to us at a dealership before. There was no hard sell for all the extras, we politely declined and they readily accepted our decision. We then showed our research on other cars further afield at a lower price and the price was then dropped significantly to try and price match it...without us being pushy at all. There was one fault on the car that needed fixed which they have guaranteed their work on for 1 year (in writing) for our peace of mind. There was no handover chat explaining how everything worked and where key buttons, etc were which was a little disappointing. Only a drop of fuel in the tank on leaving...however we didn't negotiate fuel or car mats so didn't expect them included (as with any other garage). They did make it clear that the £300 deposit would only be refunded if they didn't carry out the MOT/repair work as they'd promised. We couldn't simply change our mind...so BEWARE! We found that one wiper blade was shredded on the drive home which was a shame..again, we don't think their 114 point check is worth much! However overall we think we have a great car at a very fair price and didn't have to deal with any obnoxious pushy sales people for a change. The car was MOT'd the day before we collected it and had been serviced 2 months prior..came with a full service history (ex motorbility car...which many of them are) and low low mileage...well valeted. We've only had it 24 hours...so its early days, but so far we are pretty pleased with the overall service from Car Shop.

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