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£129 bike that needed £60 of repairs before it could be used...

this should tell the whole story ....

Dear Sports Direct

I just need to let you know about a bike I have purchased off you . The bike was ordered off you on the 29th of the 12th 2012. Paid for o be delivered on the Saturday. By Monday tee bike had not arrived. I called customer services who told me it hadn’t been sent and that they could refund the £6.00 charge for extra delivery. That was great . although the yodel tracker has said it will be delivered at it was already at the reading depot so I took a day off work to wait for this to arrive at this point I am minus 45 pound for a day’s work. On Monday when I was told the parcel would arrive I took another day off work . however the bike did arrive at this point despite yodel telling me that it won’t arrive until Wednesday and sports direct saying it would be on that day. So Bike arrives Monday. Lost another days wages but won’t include this as I am happy bike has arrived.

The box that the bike comes in is damp and damaged however not to the level where it may cause damage to the bike . I put the bike together to find the rear dralier has been bent and snapped causing the bottom of the frame to dig into the cogs on the wheel. Not what I expected from a brand new bike. So I have called sports direct to be put on hold for 20 mins or so. Understandable that your busy at Christmas so no problem there. After speaking to a nice girl who deals with all the warranty claims I am told to have the bike fixed I would have to send the bike back to you to assess the damage before you decide if I can get a refund or a replacement at my expense. Or I can get the parts sent out to me and I can do the work myself.

After waiting for the parts and having to hire a bike from my local shop I am now minus 229.00. including the cost of the bike .. the hire of a bike while I am waiting for the parts that have never arrived and a day’s wages. So I have had to take the bike to a shop to be fixed where the parts and labor have cost me just under £60.00 pound to have it fixed . also whilst being told that the people in the shop believe that the bike is very soft metal on the working parts and any small knock may get the same breakage again.

So I have lost a day’s wages … £45.00 £60.00 for the bike to be fixed before its even been used and £50.00 to hire a bike while I am waiting for my brand new bike to be replaced. That £160.00 pound . more than the cost of the bike itself.

So I believe I have been fair and credit where credit is due your staff that I did get to speak to were very helpful and sympathetic to my situation. Yodel were not helpful at all and I believe that you as a supplier should choose somebody else to do this work for you as they just make you look terrible.

I believe the whole experience has just left me out of pocket and with a bike that I can’t trust and so will need to replace. What are you going to do about this ?

I work as a yacht broker and run a chandlery in Buckinghamshire . a small family business where we try our best to make every customer happy and deal with things as best we can in the situation. All I ask is that you try and do the same.

A response would be great…

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