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Still waiting for my goods. Don't use if you need your order by a certain date. Unreliable with poor customer service

I placed an order for bugaboo with cocoon, buggy board, buggy Clip and play mat on 19 dec. the delivery for bugaboo was 2-4 weeks. It's now 26 Jan and I have no clip and no cocoon. The clip was supposed to be sent "straight away" 2 weeks ago and "immediately" last week when I chased. The cocoon? Who knows. It hadn't been on the weekly bugaboo delivery van since my order
was placed apparently. So, my in stock item has never been in stock at all. I've had no emails advising of incomplete orders before
receiving them nor any update on delivery
delays. I have had to do all the chasing. most
people who use kiddisave will have kids and
will be looking for convenience and prompt,
reliable service. Being on the phone for ages
to customer service people whose hands are
tied or chasing on email isn't easy with young
children demanding your time and I am so, so
fed up of chasing this company. The last
conversation I had with someone from
Customer service was depressing - they had no idea when cocoon would arrive, yes the service is shocking, they're sick of dealing with
complaints like mine, management don't listen
and the owners haven't been able to make the
transition from shop to Internet retail business
- they simply don't have the processes set up
to manage customer expectation on delivery.
I would never use this company again. I want
my stuff and my life back!!!!

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Poor customer service, life is too short to deal with this company

I bought a dressing table from made - a lengthy wait wasn't a problem as we were moving house - and I was pretty pleased so bought a rug. The rug was ok but didn't look as good as picture and didn't work in the space. The rug cost £299 - just £1 under the £300 qualifying amount for free delivery- which was irritating. I ended up paying £29.90 for delivery. After 4 emails trying to arrange a return went unanswered I phoned. The customer service person was pleasant but pretty ineffective and slow. He told me it would cost £19.90 to return the rug. I queried the difference in cost and he said it was classed as a medium delivery as it only required one person to lift it but couldn't tell me why I was charged for a large item on the delivery, only that "we don't like to penalise our customers twice". Clearly his choice of language could have been better and it wasn't his fault, but I would rather not have been penalised once; the inconsistency in these prices is very cynical. Anyway- the pick up never happened so I chased again and it was never booked. Meanwhile I have been bombarded with texts and emails asking for feedback and telling me to have a nice day. No one has actually listened to me when I have tried to contact them. I have since received an email offering me £25 off next purchase - (!) - and an email asking me to tell THEM once the rug is picked up so they can refund me. What a joke!! If you are an Internet business you need to get your logistics and customer service sorted as an absolute priority surely?! Maybe their founder should spend less time posing in her house for magazines and more time back at the coal face getting the basics right.

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