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Greenhouse Warehouse

Very poor product and post sales support.

I purchased a Hotbox Shilton 2.2kW Electric Greenhouse Heater from Greenhouse Warehouse and put it in our Greenhouse on a low setting. When the weather got colder we started to get regular power outages in the house where the main RCD in our fusebox was tripping out. After investigation I found that it was the heater causing this. What was happening was that a fine, metallic dust was coming off of the element when in use. This dust, being metallic, was getting on the power contacts in the unit and causing an earth loop tripping the RCD. The amount of powder was a LOT. My electrician told me that is unit was dangerous as the dust, being conducting could be lethal if it got wet (it was laying all over the floor) and was stepped on. Given than the user of this greenhouse is my 87 year old mother-in-law, who would never have seen the powder, the potential of this to be dangerous is huge!

I contacted Greenhouse Warehouse as soon as we realised what the problem was, but its been a month and still no reply.

I'm very unhappy with both the product itself (it being potentially lethal) and the post sales support from Greenhouse Warehouse.

If they read this I would be very happy to (finally) hear from them.

Chocolate Trading Company

Fantastic - amazing selection of high quality chocolate, fast shipping.

Cant be beaten. I can get chocolate bars here than you just can get without going to multiple shops - and sometimes not even then!


Worst after sales support I've EVER come across!

Avoid this company if you EVER expect to get any kind of after sales support! I ordered and had delivered a very expensive garden set of furniture. Unfortunately, two of the threaded bars that fix the legs to the table were of the wrong size - I reported this to them and was told by email that I would get a call on the 28th to arrange replacement parts. After chasing by email(multiples times) and attempting to chase by phone (you go into a 40 min wait in a paid for 0844 number to still get no reply) and via their own contact form on the website, I still, as of this time (14:00 on the 30th) have had no call or email from them to sort out this problem.

Made worse by the fact that the only reason we ordered from them was the quick delivery as we had guests for last weekend, who ended up sitting on the chairs (which were pre-built) looking at an un-assembled table with their lunches on their laps - thanks for a ruined weekend Worldstores! So I've had to wait for days with still no resolution and with a decent weekend coming up will have to spend it looking at the uneless pile of aluminium and wood on my patio.

Worldstores make even BT's customer support look professional and that's saying something!

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31 May 2013

Reply from

Dear Grant,

I apologize for the problems you have faced in regards to a faulty item. Please allow me to look into your order and to contact you to resolve this issue.

Kind Regards

Perfect, really helpful salesman and fantastic product/price.

As above. no complaints and would recommend to anyone needing any type of cable.

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