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WAE+ - Im failing to see the positive side of there customer service

I ordered a AMD FX 6300 processor, it was clearly the cheapest price available online. I didnt want an account so opted for "buy as a guest" option, the initial delivery estimate was 3-5 days, but after entering my card details it jumped to 3 weeks!
Nevertheless I confirmed payment, and three weeks later on the 28th I called WAE+ to find out why my item had not arrived, they told me to give it another 3-5 days as they had a delay at there warehouse. I got the feeling that they had no idea what was going on and they were following a generic pattern of placating the customer, this was confirmed after 4 days when I called again to find out what was going on and had exactly the same procedure applied by a different adviser. They will put you on hold for a few minutes then come back and say "theres a delay, wait a few days" but I doubt that they actually do any checking because nobody seems to be able to tell you any definite facts! When you email you get a cut and paste response, no actual insight is given to the question you specifically ask.

I couldnt go ahead and wait any longer, I think telling your customers to hang on a bit longer just isn't acceptable, while I understand that they manage to cut costs this way it just isn't made completely obvious from the time of purchase that you may have to wait indefinitely for your item!
Refunds take up to 30 days, Im not expecting that to go through without my intervention though as it seems this site will gladly take your money and hold onto it for as long as possible. There is a lot of small print that you should read, basically it states that they will not be held responsible for delays and you can be kept waiting for as long as it takes. It is buried in the terms and conditions.

Overall, a bad experience, I don't find it reasonable to be kept waiting indefinitely and would never have bothered with this site if I had known they were this poor. If you are prepared to wait indefinitely for your item then maybe you should buy from here to save a little cash, for me the cash saved wouldnt be worth the wait. I just hope I dont have to go to my bank to claim my payment back like a lot of people who have reviewed this site have had to.

UPDATE 5.7.13
After my original post was under investigation, I have since had my review accepted and discovered that this company has a history of people creating bogus reviews on there behalf. Have a look at some positive reviews here and you'll notice that they are formed of broken english or by people with only one post. But there's an awful lot of reviews under investigation. A company with a lot to hide perhaps?

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Great prices - but murder if you receive a faulty product

Used Ebuyer a lot over last two years, decided to put together a PC with an AMD APU for my son. First motherboard I received was a faulty MSI motherboard that wouldnt store memory settings in its BIOS, I put through a return and ordered a refurbished Biostar board. I assumed there was some rigorous testing process for refurbished items but apprently not, as this board had poor condition. The screws on the CPU socket holder were corroded, they had signs of moisture ingress and there were bent legged capacitors on the board.
I still re-fitted the board and found it didnt work, contacted ebuyer customer service and was treated with mistrust. I was willing to place a order for a direct replacement but the customer service guy said I shouldnt replace the board I had already received as I may not end up with a refund for the appallingly bad board that they had sent me, so best to wait!?
No apology for basically selling me non-working old crap that they have had lying around in there warehouse, just contempt and a warning that "I might not get a refund if they dont believe the board was sent in that condition".
Such dodgy pratices have put me off ever using this company again even if there prices are good, I will also make sure everyone I know is informed of there dirty tricks.
Ebuyer have barred my account since I put this review up and Im claiming a refund through paypal, I wouldnt trust this company and would recommend you shop on amazon or who have far better business ethics and practices, they certainly have never had a problem with me returning anything as per my consumer rights and dont put you through a convoluted returns procedure which is time consuming, costly and unnecessary!

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11 April 2013

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

I sincerely apologise for the faulty Motherboards you received and for the service you then received from Ebuyer when trying to return your items. These comments will be passed along to the relevant team as a training issue.

Unfortunately, I am unable to see the details from your return from the information provided on this review. I can however assure you we will always look into the details of any return before accepting or rejecting it.

I hope your return has now been processed. Our Customer Support Team are always happy to help if you require any further assistance.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team

Taunton Leisure

Good service, delivered quickly and good website to buy from.

I purchased a Vango beta 350 on offer, at a good price. The website is one of the easiest to navigate around, really top marks for having pictures I can zoom in on, and there wasnt one item that didnt have the information I needed to make a informed purchase. I cannot congratulate the company enough on the excellent online store they have created. Seriously, I have used many websites, even bigger companys websites, and they are often lousy in terms of quality and information.
The only reason I have left one star unmarked is because when the item arrived, the original bag that it had came in had a hole in it, indicating it had been taken out at some point. A minor thing, but I did buy the item as "new" and that left me in doubt as to the condition, i.e. had it actually been a display model? Was it a customer return? I wont ever know what was going on with it, it would have been more reassuring had it arrived in its completely sealed original bag. Maybe im nitpicking, but I did lose a bit of confidence in the item after that, but having checked it I found the item was fine and complete.

18 January 2013

Reply from Tauntonleisure

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your review and comments, all our products are brand new and guaranteed, your tent was the last one on sale but still should be in this condition.

I hope you are happy with it, if it's the plastic wrapping bag you are referring to then our warehouse team do open these to stick the price barcode on.

If you have any issues then please don't hesitate to get in touch, happy camping!

Kind regards

Jon - Customer Services

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