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i brought my 2 nephews a £30 hmv gift card each for Christmas, to be find out that they cannot be used in the shops and that they are now worthless, they took my money in good faith and i believe they should compensate customers or honor the vouchers. It is theft and anyone else would be arrested for it, it sucks and its not fair when you trust these companies to give you value for money. They should be ashamed the fact that they are upsetting young kids who are excited to spend their vouchers, after Christmas, the company said that they were valid for 2 years, knowing they was in financial difficulty, they should not have been selling them and it is very unfair and is very disheartening.
I believe they should find a solution to be able to honor these vouchers, as its really not right and it makes me sooo angry that my hard earned money has just been thrown away and no one gives a damn, the company should apologize to loyal customers who trust them and use there services and they should rethink about peoples disappointment and either give refunds or honor vouchers to everyone affected.

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