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I have been a long term customer of ocuk until recent experiences have made me take my business for high value items elsewhere. It started with a custom blade system which i spent in excess of 5K on, it had quite a few technical problems which to be fair ocuk did go out there way to resolve over a period of a few weeks, eventually the whole system had to be shipped back after a week it came back to me and when i opened i found that the case was badly scratched and inside the motherboard chip heat sink had been damaged by a screwdriver and one of the rads was loose which resulted in it rattling around inside and damaging things further, i was told it was the couriers fault??!! How the courier could cause damage inside the case is beyond me. In the end i opted for a refund on the system.

Fast forward 4 months i decided to put my trust in them once again and ordered an overclocked X79 bundle inside a ocuk techlabs v12 watercooled case, i then ordered the parts for watercooling my gpu's when the system arrived so basically gave them another 2.5k in business. When it arrived it all looked good, checked all the blocks etc for gpu's then started, on trying to take off the cpu block they had installed i found they had not used the washers between the springs and the block this resulted in the springs digging into the blocks recess and chipping the plexi block and spring ends. When i contacted them about this and asked if they could get me new springs i was offered no apology just told by a rep named bailey to contact xspc to see if they could help me. I could not believe that reply in the end i got a new block from specialtech and learned a very expensive lesson.

I would like to point out that their rep steven (5UB) was a very helpful individual who always tried his best to sort things, it is just a shame the management does not take a few tips from him.

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