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Id rather get shot in the face than get told my parcel is being delivered by DPD.

Update Dec 2013: Again, another run in with DPD... again, the cretin cant work a doorbell. Again, he only waits fifteen seconds before dropping hos calling card into my mailbox. Then he stopped to take a photo of my door. Is this new company policy because your drivers were such drooling morons they weren't even finding the correct houses in the first place? Now I have to go through the ordeal of trying to find a real live person to contact at your worthless company to deal with my delivery.

This isnt my first run in with DPD. Last year I had a parcel delivered by Vodafone via DPD that took a whole week to arrive because the driver is either too stupid or lazy to figure out how a doorbell works. And all these "nobody was home" excuses went out the window when a worker installing a bookcase in my house saw the van from the upstairs window, all the while I was sat waiting in my kitchen for the guy to deliver. Once the driver had left the worker told me that he was surprised how fast the DPD guy wanted to get away from my house, not even taking the time to close his vehicle door, merely letting it slam as the van pulled away. I filed a complaint with vodafone and emailed the DPD helpline demanding an explanation. ( Not surprisingly I never even received a confirmation email from DPD that they had received my email). But thats not why Im here to complain today, I'm merely setting a background.

Today I received a yellow card informing me I was out when the delivery of my package was attempted. The driver was so apathetic about doing his job that he didnt even find my postbox ( A very very big white box fixed to the side of my house right next tot he door) so he just wedged the card wherever he could.
I have him on cctv, and counted the time he stood at my door at a glorious 20 seconds, barely enough time to get up and walk downstairs to answer the door. And that is if he had even used to doorbell. We recently installed a new door answering system that when rung won't stop until it is answered. So no excuses that we didnt hear the doorbell. I figure he just stroked the door a bit maybe tried to tickle it? either way, he alerted the house of his presence in a way that would only be heard if you had your ear to the door already.

UPDATE: Received my package today. Had to leave a big note alerting the delivery guy as to where my doorbell is, taking away any excuse he might have had in claiming nobody answered the door. Must have been a different guy than last time because this guy said he found it funny I had to put a sign saying where my doorbell was. Even asked if the last guy hadnt found it last time. Luckily It was delivered relatively early, otherwise i might have had to waste another working day waiting in vain for DPD.

21 January 2013

Reply from DPD UK

Good morning Alejandro,

Sorry that your experiences of DPD have been below par. I see that the parcel was delivered early this morning - was everything okay when we visited you?

If you ever have any parcel queries, please email and we'll be happy to assist :)

Kind regards,


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