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JTX Fitness

Two dodgy machines in one week! But good customer service and fast delivery.

I bought the JTX 6000 and was very happy to hear it was being delivered the next day. When it arrived, I asked my dad to help me assemble it. This was pretty easy but despite the fact that it's quite simple to assemble, the instructions were not very comprehensive and we struggled to find allen keys to fit the parts as they were all different sizes. When assembled I tried one session on it and thought it was very good. Having used much more expensive commercial machines in the past I think the power it offers is on a par. However when I went to switch on the machine that same afternoon for my sister to try it out, there was clearly a problem. On the setting which alternates between collation and vibration, there was no vibration at all. I called JTX and they were sympathetic but said I would need to take the machine apart to check the connection between the column and the base plate. On inspection I could see nothing wrong with the cable. However, I had noticed when it arrived that the cable had been knotted for some reason and I had to un -knot it before I could connect it. When I re assembled, it was now on constant full power vibrate and the control panel was no longer working. JTX apologised and sent a replacement which arrived the next working day. However, when the replacement arrived (in what seemed to be re used packaging), we found this time that the cable inside the column was nowhere to be seen! It appeared to be jammed up inside of the column, with no way of releasing it to connect it to the base plate! Furthermore, this machine came with a set of allen keys which made me annoyed that we had struggled putting together the first machine because they had clearly forgotten to pack them originally. I explained the problem with the cable to JTX, they apologised and sent a replacement column. This arrived swiftly and now we were experts at assembling the machines, it went together with no problems and it works! I enjoy using it and think the machine is very good. However the whole experience has left me wondering about the quality of the machines and how long this one will actually last.

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