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Strings Direct

Good selection, nice site, slow delivery

Title says it all, I'd use them again, but for 5 stars I want them to get to me a bit faster

Took 3 attempts to get me a working impulse 61 and that's not all...

Very disappointed, no only did they send me 2 faulty keyboards which took days to troubleshoot with Novation Tech support involving extensive phone and email correspondence (they claimed they hadn't even had them sent in for repair before, which I thought was very odd). When they sent the third unit (which worked, thank the gods!) the courier company didn't know that they were supposed to be collecting a faulty one when they delivered the last one so, I had to ring and they said that it was my fault, even tho I had waited in all day for them, they turned up while I was in the bathroom my dad answered the door, assumed it was just a delivery signed for it, and off they went. So I was stuck with two keyboards... so I had to arrange for them to come again and they would not specify a time, so for the fourth time I had spend the day in waiting for them. I would imagine most people would not have such a bad experience with them, but that was mine :( I think next time I'll save myself a lot of time and messing around and just BUY NEW, as they gave me plenty of reasons why not to.

31 January 2013

Reply from Whybuynew

We are very sorry to hear about the disapointing experience you have received with the Novation keyboard and courier service. Thank you for taking the time to talk to Novation to try and resolve the issue as they normally are very informative and can get to the bottom of any issues.
We have since spoken to UK Mail as they are supposed to prompt you for the return item on delivery of the new, they should not leave without it. We understand this is frustrating as this involves another visit from the courier to collect. This should not happen in the future. If you require any further help in the future please dont hesitate to contact me direct.
Thank you

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