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would not use paypal again if they paid me to

NEVER in my life have i been treated worse by a company. when i type this quick story it wont seem true but it is. They "limited" my account, which means make it so you can use it, cant take money, cant mail things, cant contact buyer, cant get payment. They did this because "i was selling my dvds too cheap" thats honestly the reason they gave me. They clsoed my account 2 weeks before christmas to maximize damage. Then never responded to my emails, or calls for 2 weeks. Then AFTER christmas told me this horrible excuse, i asked if a customer complained about ym products they said "no, we think your selling too cheap". i have %100 positive feedback on ebay, think we all know how imposibly that is to do now adays.
they told me the 13 steps to follow and prove i'm selling legit DVDS, withing 1 hour i sent them 30+ pages of proof, they promptly emailed me a cookie cutter email saying denied. not wont reply to calls, emails, nothing, they are keeping MY MONEY that i had in my account and will not give it back "host to god!" MY money, "same thing as them coming to your house, taking money from your pocket and not giving it back" its THEFT!!!
if you paid me to use paypal i would not, google checkout is already taking their business FAST. i bag anyone reading this to keep your paypal balance at sero and close your account, i am free to answer any questions you might have

IF someone from paypal sees this and wants to make it rite "like that'll happen" email me ANYTIME, i dare ya

they only got 1 star cause i cant give -1

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