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The best WYSWYG web builder as long as you accept its limitations

I have always loved website design but being completely coding deficient have depended on wysiwig builders - and over the years have tried and used a number of different products. There's a lot of good ones out there but ultimately I felt frustrated because I could never attain the polished look that you can get out of a regular sophisticated coding builder.
I then discovered Wix and I finally found something that is "easy" to use and delivers beautiful results. I say "easy" in quotes because creating an effective website is never easy just like writing a good novel isn't easy. It's easy to get carried away with the bells and whistles and forget to follow the rules for effective web based communications.
It's not perfect by any means - but even if it were perfect I'm sure people would find something to complain about. For me, considering that I simply cannot obtain the quality of design with any other wysiwig builder makes me accept the limitations with patience and understanding.
As far as customer service goes, I have had a terrific experience - There are bugs as the HTML builder which I use is still in beta - so I called the 800 number several times and was always responded to by intelligent and caring reps. I am putting more and more of my customers PRO websites into the WIX platform - I have the confidence that it is going to get better and better over time so I will recommend it wholeheartedly - again, don't expect perfection and accept its limitations.

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