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Gone downhill...

I used to really like FP and regularly topped up my pre-pay as it was an easy, helpful service which allowed me to add my genuine signature to the cards and post direct to the recipient worldwide. Free postage on UK cards made it a fantastic option.

They then started offering free delivery only on 2 or more cards, fair enough as postal fees increased...they then took away the signature option, this was the only reason I chose them over other card sellers and so, there was no longer a reason for me to choose them over other options.

I asked for my pre-pay money back due to the signature issue. First I was told they planned to reinstate it in the near future, then when I wrote again, approximately 2 weeks later, they said they never planned to do this! This function was the only good thing about FP, which never had the best programme for making your cards, and a worse system if you wanted to alter anything before it posted.

I have been asking for my pre-pay credit back for over a month, each time they say there's a 'problem' with refunding and don't explain what the problem is!

I am giving them a couple of days, then complaining to the OFT as they still have my money! Not good!

City Link


Jan 2013: I have only recently managed to sort out the mess this company caused over Christmas due to a courier being unable to match my pre-addressed parcels with their own labels! This has created chaos, none of which was sorted out by City Link, but by me! They didn't care at all and were unhelpful and useless on all counts overall.

I at the very least hoped they would care at the awful service they had provided and the lack of basic skills of their couriers, but they genuinely didn't at all!

When the parcels were finally delivered to the right people, (3 parcels were affected by their incompetence), ALL 3 clearly showed the correct A5 addresses I had attached, originally printed from the broker website I purchased the service through. I have saved all of the parcel fronts as proof that their own labels had been placed next to mine and were incorrectly addressed! (They miraculously 'found' the final parcel within the hour when I registered a loss claim. It still took them a further 5 days to deliver it!)

I spent a lot of time and money (hours on 0844 numbers) sorting this out and my parcels which should have been delivered within 48 hours (collected in mid December) were delivered after Christmas, one on 3rd Jan and the last one on the 16th January! They also claimed this parcel was 'refused delivery' the first time they tried to deliver. This is absolutely untrue as the person it was for was waiting in for it and expecting it as it was full of Christmas presents! Interestingly, they usually put a photo of the house they attempted delivery to and there was nothing on their delivery details. This lack of usually provided evidence makes me think they just made it up!

I will never use them again, and since my incident, I have heard story after story about them from other people which proves this was not an isolated incident!

They have also not replied to my formal complaint (in writing), which i sent recorded delivery and was received over 3 weeks ago when the final parcel was still missing.

Utter shambles, unskilled, unhelpful, borderline illiterate (in some cases) staff, poor service standards, customer has to do the work when they mess up, uncaring attitude, terrible company policy and standards and totally ignorant to effect their poor service has on customers.

If you use them, on your own head be it and keep your fingers crossed! Paying these people does not mean they give a damn and you'd better hope for a good courier and a wind blowing the right way!

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