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I found this website whilst I was trying to find a new "flavour" for Harry, our Leonberger, who in his old age (now 11 years old) has become quite fussy and likes to play with his food ~ just to annoy the two Labradors who would be only too pleased to eat it for him!! After reading the blog on the company, I thought it was time to try some food that specialised in big dogs and with the understanding of an older dog.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the size of "kibble/nuggets" believing that Harry would appreciate a bigger bite! Not so sure now, but he is eating it and so that is a plus!

Delivery was very good ~ having several texts to remind me of date and possible re~scheduling of date/place of delivery ~ excellent service.

I would definitely recommend this company to others who have big dogs ~ and not just for food!
Thank you Big Dog World ~ your research has paid off!

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Jill Draper
United Kingdom


I live in the Berkshire countryside with my husband and our animal family that consists of 2 Labradors 10 & 9 yrs old (our Leonberger has just passed away ~ he was 11 years old and the most wonderful friend anyone could wish for. he is greatly missed x) 3 Alapacas who are meant to look after the 7 chickens we have. Unfortunately, they were obviously "off duty" as the fox cleared 8 of our old chickens, leaving one rather bewildered lady! She is fine now that we have increased the numbers!! and finally an African grey whom we've had since a baby (23 years), he is extremely vocal and remembers all the names of dogs we have had and calls for them, a wonderful mimic.
I was brought up locally with at least 5 or 6 Labs at any one time plus any other "needy" animal that appeared at our front door!
We are all animal mad here and could never live in a house without a dog ~ that's what makes the home complete.