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One of the worst parcel delivery services available

I paid to have a parcel delivered on a guaranteed (ha ha ha!... Guaranteed....Ha ha ha!) 24 Hour delivery. Parcel number: TWYI3820075GB. They failed to deliver on the day. The recipient had to fly out the next day so missed the parcel. Another resident refused the late parcel, at which point Parcelforce returned it to their depot claiming there was no one home and they had left a card advising it be picked up from the depot (all of which is clearly not true). I emailed asking for the parcel to be returned to me so that I can re-ship directly to the USA. I got pathetic responses from customer services with "stock" replies. Despite numerous requests for the return, it still sits in their depot 16 days later. I have used Parcel force many times in the past, and almost without exception they have FAILED. Parcels are either lost, stolen, mis-delivered, delivered late, or delivered damaged. There is no way they can be trusted. I'll never use them again.

OK service, but not sure about flower freshness.

I wasn't so worried about the flowers (after all, how can you get fresh flowers wrong?.....Right?) But, I had some trepidation about the delivery. Quite often these courier companies cannot be trusted at all. It turns out the delivery service was very good, but the flowers were a bit of a let-down. Although they were exactly what the website described, they were wilting some-what when they arrived, and by the next day are showing signs of considerable "wear". My *guess* is, the overnight storage caused a problem. For fresher flowers I think Interflora would be better as the bouquet is made and delivered "on the day". I might consider trying Serenata again as they were quite cheap.


Quick delivery, good prices, but failed on customer support.

We ordered a can of Staykill and two packs of Eliminall. We ordered over the weekend and the package arrived on the Tuesday. The prices were the best we could find, and the delivery was fast and efficient. The only gripe we have is that after applying the products and flea-combing the boys, we still hadn't noticed any improvements in the infestation after 7 days. So, we emailed customer services making enquiries about the products and results we should expect, in what time-scale, but never got a response at all. We re-dosed the boys with another Eliminall after 8 days, and started to see improvements after the 10th day.
So, in a nut-shell.....Great prices, great delivery, wake-up customer support.


Atrocious, and I suspect thieves, too (no proof, sadly)

I recently sent some equipment to a buyer. The equipment was worth over £1000.00. Unfortunately the buyer was not home. He got a card through the door that said "parcel left by black bin" His bins were beside the road, which means if the driver really did leave the parcel by the bins, it was dumped out by the road-side. Like a fool I only insured the parcel for £100.00 due to the extortionate cost of insuring against problems (it always bemuses me that I have to pay insurance to protect me against *their* incompetent delivery drivers). So, I'm now £900.00 out of pocket. No one has any idea where the parcel has gone. The customer says his road is extremely quiet, so he doubts very much that someone took the parcel. That leaves only one other option.......We'll probably never know the truth. But I do know I'll never use Hermes again, and will insist anyone I deal with never sends anything via Hermes.

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Mazuma Mobile

Did exactly what they said they would. No messing, no hassle.

I had an old Blackberry kicking around in the drawer. I put the phone details into the website and was given a quote. I accepted, followed the instructions, and a few days later was paid. No hassles, no trying to back-pedal. The whole experience was exactly as I expected, and wanted. I'd deal with them again without even bothering to look at the other phone recyclers.

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