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Ultralase - Precisely what your eyes deserve

Underwhelming in most ways

My experience with Ultralase has been so-so - the actual surgery was fine and my vision is loads better. However the attention to detail and lacklustre levels of customer service have left me wanting.

The initial consultation was fine, I knew a bit about the procedure having looked into it a few years before. The sales assistant didn't really clarify on my concerns and questions though and I didn't really understand the difference between the Ultra and Elite treatments; in the end I opted for the Elite as I didn't want to skimp on my own health, although I am not entirely convinced that the Elite procedure was actually any better for the extra money.

Having paid the best part of £4,000, I had another consultation which again felt a bit rushed and I didn't feel like a valued customer as I was hurried out of the building and still didn't understand the benefits of an Elite treatment.

Come the day, the nurse who saw me into the surgery room was great, very calm and approachable and just the right level of information coupled with a calm nature. I had initial issues keeping my right eye open in the bright light during the procedure which posed issues with the laser but I didn't really feel like I was helped through this by the surgeon. The light was extremely bright which caused me to wince, and thus my right eye couldn't stay open. Although quite visibly annoyed, the surgeon did at least turn the lights down in order to complete the surgery on my left eye which went without a hitch.

The post-treatment customer care was worse than the pre-treatment appointments to be honest. The same lady who rushed me before seemed to be wanting to get through the aftercare appointment as quickly as possible and my concerns about my sight were mitigated with a simple "it'll settle down over a few months" which didn't really ease my concerns or sound that professional.

My left eye has excellent vision, and although I'm told my right eye has 20:20 vision it is certainly lagging behind in terms of "crispness" and I want an independent eye test to verify this. Although the surgery has technically met the standard, it is slightly annoying as I use telescopic sights on my right eye at work and would have hoped the same standard could have been achieved across both eyes.

I asked for a customer feedback form after this appointment and the receptionist couldn't find any. I was told to simply "go online and find a feedback form" which wasn't very helpful at all and as a customer who has paid thousands for an elite private treatment it seemed a little blaise.

Further to this it now appears that ultralase have now merged with another company and won't be able to honour my second aftercare appointment time as a result of having to use their clininc instead. I would have expected to be able to keep the slot; but apparently someone's already booked into that time (me? surely as the person who booked it first, before this merger, and with no knowledge of the merger, I should have the priority?). I'm not sure I can make the re-arranged appointment as it's on a weekday too.

All in all, I would recommend the procedure and life without glasses is excellent. Not having to fumble with prescription sunglasses is one aspect in particular I love! Please consider your optician wisely and think long and hard about the clinic though - I definitely didn't get the re-assurance or customer care you should be desiring from a company which bills itself as the premier private laser eye surgery clinic in the country. They were more interested in the money and once you'd paid it was like a factory conveyor belt for the most part.

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