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I wanted to sell an item; I thought of the usual on-line auction, but then there would be the effort and expense of advertising it, dealing with prospective buyers, waiting for the auction to end, then maybe accepting an offer that I may not have liked, and worst of all sending it through the post and waiting for signs of approval, which you would expect, but not always get.
Then, knowing about MPB, I contacted them, and they took all the stress and delay out of the expected task. They made me an offer which I accepted, and within a day, I had the item packaged for immediate collection, cost-free, at a time convenient to me, and within another day I was informed that the agreed amount would be in my bank forthwith. It was; there were no deductions for commission, which take a lot of pleasure out a deal, It was all so straightforward, stress-free and well-organised.
I enjoyed dealing with MPB, and I will again. Many thanks.

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