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Mr Memory

I wish my old hardware supplier was as good as Mr Memory's product and service

I have a faithful old Samsung laptop that, like a favourite shirt, I do not want to throw away even though its getting on a bit and does not 'quite fit' anymore.
Possible solution? More memory.
So I check on-line to see if my Q35 has an expansion slot and it does. Only 1Gb but that will be fine. Next its back to the web to see where I can buy some memory. I review a few sites and then I come to Mr Memory's. There I find the 1Gb at a great price and so I place my order. An automatic confirmation falls into my In-box only to be followed by another indicating there is a bit of a problem and that I should get in touch. On Monday morning I telephone and a most helpful chap immediately tells me what the problem is. He needs to confirm the delivery instructions to safeguard my purchase. Problem sorted.
The memory arrives by post within the described time originally indicated. It is well packaged with simple 'idiot proof' installation instructions.
Then I carefully open up the laptop to make to installation only to find that the expansion slot has already been used!
On looking back at my original purchase invoice for the hardware I also see that the actual memory I was charged for is 15Gb more than I actually have in the machine!!
So it has been a bit of a wasted expense on my part but thats life.
If my hardware supplier had been honest I would not have need to even think about more memory, especially as they had already stuffed 1GB into the expansion slot.
However, I now know where to come when I next need more memory for my new laptop. (Mr Samsung has been relegated to a back shelf to gather dust).
When I want more memory or when any friends ask my opinion on that subject, then Mr Memory will be my answer as your web link now sits in my 'Favourites' folder.

21 January 2013

Reply from Mr Memory

Good Morning Keith,

I would like to thank you for taking the time and effort to leave a review following your recent order. I really appreciate reading all the feedback left, and look forward to supplying you and your Friends in the future.

Best Regards
Andi Tamplin - Assistant Web & Data Manager

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